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May 2011
Issue: 35
We Made It!!!
Somehow, some way, we made it through out first tax season without Jack.  We certainly had some bumps in the road, but at the end of the day, I think the tax season went about as well as could be expected.  I want to thank everyone for the continued support and loyalty to our firm.  My mom and I figured that there would be some turnover of Jack's clients without him around, but we were amazed at the number of his clients that came back and met with myself or Rick or Chris.  I think that is a true testament to the firm that Jack built and the type of person he was.  We appreciate all of you and I hope you received the same personal attention and expertise as you did when Jack was around.  If not, I would love to hear about it as we continue to work to improve the client experience.  Things are starting to slow down a little bit for us now (thank god), so if anyone has any questions about their returns or if you've received a letter from the IRS, please let us know and we are happy to help you.

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Each year, the Internal Revenue Service sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers for a variety of reasons. Here are eight things to know about IRS notices - just in case one shows up in your mailbox.

What Happens After I File?

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Now that the federal income tax filing deadline is in your rear-view mirror, what happens after you file? A lot of taxpayers have post tax-filing questions such as what records do I keep and more importantly, "Where's my Refund?" The IRS has answers for you in this article.



In This Issue
What To Do If You Receive An IRS Notice
What Happens After You File?
1099 Repeal, Answers Old Questions and Raises New Ones
Upcoming Tax Deadlines


1099 Repeal Eases Some Requirements, But Leaves New Ones For 2011


The Comprehensive 1099 Taxpayer Protection and Repayment of Exchange Subsidy Overpayments Act of 2011, which passed Congress on April 5, 2011, eliminates two recently enacted 1099 reporting requirements that were to take effect in 2012. Still on the books, however, are a couple of new 1099 reporting requirements effective for 2011.


Upcoming Tax Deadlines

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