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January 2011
Issue: 34
Tax Season Already???
That's right, it's tax season again.  After the events of the last few months it really snuck up on us this year.  It is time to start getting your tax information organized to file your 2010 tax return.  Once again there was a huge last minute tax bill passed that was filled with tax changes so it is very important that you know the changes and take advantage of every deduction that you are entitled to.  We are currently taking appointments to prepare 2010 tax returns.  Most of you should have your W-2's and other tax documents by the first week of February and we encourage you to call now to schedule an appointment to get your taxes prepared.  I have a feeling that we will be busier this year than we've ever been so call early to schedule your tax meeting.  Please download our Income Tax Data Itemizer and fill out the areas that apply to you prior to your appointment.  If you are a small business owner, then please visit the forms section of our website to download the worksheets to fill out to record the activity in your small business for 2010.  It is much easier for us to prepare your tax return if these forms are completed when you come in for your appointment.  If you have any questions when you are filling out the forms, please contact us and we can answer your questions.  Our extended busy season hours are Monday through Wednesday 9am - 8pm, Thursday and Friday 9am - 7pm, and Saturday hours are 10am - 3pm.  Feel free to call anytime between these hours with questions or to make an appointment.  For those that live out of state or prefer not to make an appointment, the option is available for you to mail, email, or drop off your tax information.

In other news, I have hired two CPA's to help me out during the tax season.  Rick Kleinbaum and Chris Lordan have a combined 40 years experience preparing personal and small business tax returns.  They will be helping me prepare tax returns this year so you may chat with them regarding your tax situation.  They are both extremely knowledgable in tax law and are more than qualified to answer your questions and help prepare your returns.  We are very lucky to have them and I hope you enjoy working with them.

Lastly, there was a huge tax bill that was passed in late December that contained several new tax laws that will affect your 2010 tax returns.  I have included a couple of articles about these changes and how they may affect you.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email.  I look forward to seeing everyone over the next couple of months.

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Following last week's tax law changes, the Internal Revenue Service announced Thursday the upcoming tax season will start on time for most people, but taxpayers affected by three recently reinstated deductions need to wait until mid- to late February to file their individual tax returns.
In This Issue
Tax Season Delayed for Some Taxpayers, Including Those That Itemize Deductions
Tax Changes for Small Businesses
Upcoming Tax Deadlines


Tax Changes for Small Businesses


During 2010, new laws, such as the Affordable Care Act and the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, created or expanded deductions and credits that small businesses and self-employed individuals should consider when completing their tax returns and making business decisions in 2011.

Upcoming Tax Deadlines

January 18th - Final 2010 estimated tax payment is due for individuals.

January 31st - Payroll tax returns due for the 4th quarter.
January 31st - W-2's and 1099's must be sent out to employees.

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Thomas R. Vetscher, CPA


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