We prepare income tax returns for many small to medium size businesses at the end of the year. These are typically done at the end of the client's fiscal year, with a majority of businesses having a year end of December 31st. We also provide payroll services for clients, including filing the quarterly or annual payroll reports with the federal and state governments.

We prepare returns for the following business entities:
  • Partnerships, LLP's, and LLC's - Form 1065
  • S Corps and LLC's - Form 1120S
  • C Corps - Form 1120
  • Estates - Form 706
  • Trusts - Form 1041 & 709
  • Single Member LLC's - Form 1040, Schedule C
  • Sole Proprietorship's - Form 1040, Schedule C
We prepare quarterly and annual payroll tax returns for the types of businesses listed above. These include both federal and state returns, such as Forms 941 & 944, state payroll withholding reports, and state unemployment insurance reports. We also can provide full payroll services for smaller businesses, including preparing checks, calculating withholding and deposits, and filing reports.

Advantages to Getting Your Business Taxes Done by a Tax Professional
  • Expert tax advice will help you maximize the tax savings for your business.
  • Tax experts that are informed of all the new laws and regulations will make you aware of deductions and tax benefits you may not have known about.
  • Learn of ways to defer taxes to a future year to maximize cash flow in the current year.
  • Minimize the time spent learning the tax law and preparing your business return.
If you would like to learn more about our business tax preparation or if you would like to make an appointment to have your business taxes prepared, please contact us.