We provide services in a wide variety of accounting and tax related areas. We specialize in individual income tax preparation, small to medium size business income tax preparation, small to medium size business accounting, general business and tax consulting, and detailed financial analysis of a business's health. However, if you have any accounting or tax related issue that needs to be addressed, we will be able to help you.

Individual Income Tax Preparation
We have been preparing individual tax returns for clients for over 30 years. We work on any kind of individual return, no matter how complex or unique. Remember to get yours filed by April 15th!

Small to Medium Size Business Income Tax Preparation
In addition to preparing individual taxes, we also prepare income tax returns for many smaller to medium size businesses at the end of the year. These are typically done at the end of the client's fiscal year, with a majority of businesses having a year end of December 31st.

IRS Dispute Resolution
No matter how simple the issues may be, dealing with the IRS is always frustrating and time consuming. We help our clients resolve their issues with the IRS, whether it is simply responding to a notice that you received from the IRS or representing you in a tax audit.

Small to Medium Size Business Accounting
We also have extensive experience dealing with issues related to business accounting. This is usually recurring work throughout the year, where we review or compile financial statements on a monthly or quarterly basis.

In addition to the tax preparation and accounting related services we provide, we also provide various individual and business consulting services. These services include tax planning, retirement planning, employee benefits planning, and financial planning for college to name a few.

Financial Analysis
We offer services that will help business owner's get a better understanding of the financial condition of their business. We provide detailed reports that analyzes the key metrics of success for your business and measures your business against comparable businesses in the industry. With these reports, we will be able to help you define and reach your financial goals.