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Install and Setup

QuickBooks is designed to be easy to use for both accountant's and non-accountant's. Unfortunately, that is not entirely the case. Many users, especially those without any accounting background, initailly struggle setting up and using QuickBooks. In order for QuickBooks to process data accurately, it must be installed and set up correctly.

We provide several services to help you get up and running on QuickBooks. These services include:
  • Choosing the correct version of QuickBooks and the number of licenses needed for you to purchase based on your accounting needs
  • Install the software on one compuetr or several computers on a network. Set up users and assign permissions.
  • Preparation of the chart of accounts and item list.
  • Enter beginning balance as of the QuickBooks start date.
  • Train users on various day-to-day QuickBooks tasks.
The prices of these services vary depending on the complexity of the QuickBooks setup. Please contact us to get a quote and to learn more about our services.